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Stingrays and Stingray City Tours

What species are these stingrays?

These are the Southern Atlantic Stingrays.

Do these stingrays still have their stingers?

Yes they do, however these stingrays are not lethal.

Are these Stingrays aggressive?

No, after more than 20 years if interacting with these stingrays, they are very docile, passive and friendly. They will NOT attempt to sting you.  (See TripAdvisor discussion on this subject)

What should  I NOT do when in the water with the rays?

1) When interacting, do not hop or skip left/right or backward trying to avoid the stingrays. SCENARIO: You could strike your feet or legs against the stinger of the stingrays. KEEP your feet on the bottom as much as possible. The stingrays will NOT sting you on purpose. 2) When snorkeling or swimming with the rays, we suggest not using your feet to aid swimming.  We recommend keeping your feet on the bottom using your mask to view the stingrays. 3) We recommend NOT trying to catch the stingrays on your own without experience.  4) When the stingrays are being held by a tour guide, do not approach the stingray from the rear/back of the stingray.  Stingrays have their stingers on TOP of their tails and if not paying attention you could strike your arm or body against the stingers.  We recommend  staying a safe distance when at the back of a stingray.  5)  When feeding the stingrays , we recommend tucking your thumb into the palm of your hand, wrapping the rest of your fingers around the squid. Do not have your thumb or other fingers exposed upward. (The stingray will most likely suck your fingers into it’s mouth).  6) After feeding the stingrays, do not rub your hands on any part of your body. The scent remains on your skin, the stingrays will suck your skin(called quickie-hickeys).  That can leave a bruising of your skin and sometimes not the most pleasant.

Do  stingrays have teeth?

No, these stingrays do not have teeth. They have hard gums known as grinder plates.  If your fingers are suck into their mouth, the stingray with let go of your finger instantly as they know the difference between the food and your fingers.

What happens if I get stung by a stingray?

As mentioned, these stingrays are not lethal, however IF injured, hot water is applied to the injury(hot water is known to neutralize the venom of these stingrays.). We then get you in to shore as quickly as possible to have your injury treated at a hospital or clinic..

Contact us for any other  important questions on this subject  or wait till your tour


Where do we get to snorkel?

Our excursions take you optionally to our Barrier Reef  or an area of coral patches  near the reef known as the Coral Gardens.

Are Snorkel Gear provided on tour?

Yes,  full snorkel gear is provided.

What if don’t know how to use snorkel equipment?

No  problem, our tour guides will assist anyone with instructions and will even accompany at least one person at a time if necessary.

Are Life Vests provided on tour?

Of course. Life vests are an essential on our excursions and are provided as necessary

Does Islandlife Watersports cater to Disabled Individuals for Snorkeling?

A: Unfortunately not to physically disabled, however please contact us for more details

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